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TypeLab is a project created in the year 2000 by Typografik’s founder Mauricio Reyes who wanted to promote Micro Typography and street letterforms that carry a unique visual language.  TypeLab would act as an Encyclopaedia Typographica that would allow designers show different typefaces in creative use.

The examples below were taken from the book “Beyond the printed word” which remains unpublished but is in its final stages of preparation.  The area called “Typografica” explores the expressive qualities of a typeface. This visual resource helps designers choose the right typeface for their next project.

TypeLab is the area of Typografik dedicated to visual research, development and experimentation. Every project we create has design alternatives, some of them were perhaps “too edgy” or too experimental for some of our clients.  We believe however that these represent visual thinking at multiple levels and dimensions.

Typografik Visual Communication Design

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