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Typografik is a visual communications and web development studio based in Northern Virginia.  We offer Internet and Web-related services to businesses in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Florida and have served clients internationally.

Our services include graphic design, branding, website design and development, hosting, maintenance, marketing, search engine optimization, training and analysis.

Typografik’s philosophy stems from the principles of creative branding.  Intelligent branding as a first step ensures effective results with our clients’ advertising, Internet and technology strategies.  This helps our customers achieve their goals efficiently.  We offer a myriad of free services that other studios would normally charge for.  We promote brand awareness as this enhances our client’s online presence and creates a fast response from their audiences.

We are brand architects, marketers, designers and technologists.   We manage your website, online marketing campaigns, software and web application development following a simple but solid methodology:

We make it our business to learn about your market and organization so we can make the best decisions with and for you. Our process is a collaborative effort with input from our clients and Typografik.  Through this collaboration, we develop a partnership for success.

We begin with the evaluation of previous and existing online marketing initiatives and their results.  By looking into the past we can craft key solutions to enhance the effectiveness of your future endeavors.  After evaluating these results, Typografik creates an action plan and develops design strategies that will generate measurable results.

We have many years of professional experience in visual communications but we are a young firm. Our enthusiasm will infuse fresh ideas and up-to-date solutions to your website, marketing collaterals or strategic product branding.

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