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Trying to find a new contractor feels like being in front of a maze, doesn’t it?

Typografik understands the importance of keeping our clients informed. A well informed client will make the best decisions for their corporation. This section will help you familiarize yourself with the creative process. It is very useful for new clients to know what is involved in the development of a corporate identity or website, as this will help them plan their budget before proceeding.

Please download and take a look at these PDF files.  The first one explains the different steps involved in a corporate identity design, which involves the color scheme, logotype and logo symbol design, frequently called “the logo.”

The second PDF explains the different steps of web development, and the third is about the benefits of working with Typografik.

Click the red icons to download any of the following PDFs.

Why Typografik web design ID design

Our commitment to our clients is to deliver not only sparkling visuals and effective graphic design, but to help them manage their resources efficiently.  We promote the use of open-source solutions because they are widely used, they are robust, and-the best part-they are free.  But many studios do not want their clients to know that.

When new technologies emerge, we help our clients to bridge the technology gap so they can benefit from them.  Our design experience is extensive and substantial. This level of experience does not mean that we are more expensive. On the contrary, it means that we can offer the right solutions at a much lower cost. Projects can be completed in significantly less time and to a substantially higher standard.  Because we are a small studio, you invest your resources in better design and development, not in overhead.

The following Q&A is a good reference and will answer most questions frequently asked by new customers. This is a very  important part to read, especially if you are looking for a first logo, brochure, website or illustration. Q. I already have a logo; can you use it to brand a new website?

A. A brand is much more than just a logo. It is the embodiment of every service or product your corporation offers. Frequently during the branding process logos are revised, and color schemes and typographic charts are created. Perhaps this is the best time to revise your current logotype. This will allow a better integration with the new branding guidelines.

Q. Can you give me a “rough estimate” or “all park figure” to redesign my current website?

A. The risk of “ball park figures” is that a designer may be unfamiliar with the kind of work you do.  Therefore, it is easy to over- estimate or under-estimate.  Every project is unique no matter how simple it may sound. The “real world” process is to discuss the project with the client via phone or in person. Typografik scopes it and then submits a proposal which serves to protect the interests of the client and Typografik.

Q. After you finish my website, can I have the master files?

A. YES. Many studios will keep your files and use them as a retainer; when you need changes you have to rely on them. We don’t believe in that. You paid for the design work, so the original master files are yours. As long as it is kept to a minimum, we often make modifications for our clients free of charge.

Q. After you finish my website, can I contact you if I need to make changes?

A. YES. With Typografik you get six months of FREE technical support and the very best part is this: Typografik will offer training at no cost so you can make modifications to your website! YES! Wouldn’t it be better if you knew how to edit your website? It may sound intimidating, but,if you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can edit your own website. Typografik can teach you how at no extra cost.

Q. I need a new brochure and I know what images I need, but don’t have any. Can you help with that?

A. YES. Typografik has accounts with the major stock photo houses such as Able Stock, Tony Stone, Photo Disc, Eye Wire and We offer stock photography at no extra charge. If you need a special product or place photographed, we offer photography services at a very reasonable cost.

Q. I need a new website but I only have $300. Can you work with that?

A. If you were to buy a car, would you walk into a dealership and say “I want a new car, but I only have $2,000?” No.  Professional graphic design doesn’t have to be expensive. A lot can be accomplished with a conservative budget, but graphic and web design are no different than any other professional service, There are base costs for certain services. Remember the commercial Golden Rule, you always get what you pay for. Our job is to guide you so that your money can go a long way, but don’t think of these services as an expense, but as an investment.

Q. If my budget is conservative, can you do a less nice website so I can afford it?

A. Again, you can get professional, sparkling design even if your budget is conservative. But remember, base costs, base costs, base costs. You would not buy a less nice car without wheels, right? You want something inexpensive, attractive and most important, functional!

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