“Illustration must achieve a reaction in a genuine way to get across a message.”

Illustration is another favorite design area at Typografik. Commonly known as “commercial” art, Illustration is used to decorate, clarify or embellish something. It can range from a simple black-and-white cartoon to a full-color billboard. Illustration is one of our favorite design areas primarily because one image can have the same power and narrative as a thousand words. Illustration seeks to attract, inspire, create desires and motivate people to respond to messages. While graphic design has content as its main purpose, illustration must achieve a reaction or get the customer to see a product in a genuine way to get across a message. Typografik will assist you to visualize your ideas and to translate your ideas into concrete visions.

Frida Kahlo Poster
Kennedy Center poster design


At Typografik we feel that Illustration’s purpose is to find the most efficient, clear, and direct way to make the viewer feel and know what you want them to feel and know about your business. Simplicity is good; keeping in mind that “clear” is not the same thing as “simple.” A complicated drawing can communicate an idea very clearly, and a simple drawing can be difficult to understand.

Effective visual communication needs both original ideas and faultless execution, Illustration is pure conceptual thinking.

Commercial Illustration

We create innovative illustrations that convey your messages more specifically and dramatically than any other visual form. 

Typografik works closely with our clients and believes in genuine collaboration to develop the best visual solutions possible.   We like to challenge our clients to think outside the box to ensure that our designs are answering the right questions.

Typografik’s illustrations have been used in various magazine and poster publications. Clients include: The Kennedy Center, The CW Network, NCJA, Digital Net, Capital City Pride, Reactor Magazine, Typographics International, Metro Weekly, and Torrent 3 New York.


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