Poster Design

Client: The City of Alexandria, VA

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City of Alexandria VA

Project Description

Poster series to promote CDDI

Mauricio Reyes designed all the marketing materials for the City of Alexandria JobLink’s Community Digital Divide Initiative (CDDI)

City Council, the Council-appointed Commission on Information Technology, and City staff have been active in working to ensure expanded consumer broadband options, and the franchise initiative marks progress in the City’s efforts to upgrade the community’s digital infrastructure.  In July 2015, the City issued a formal Request for Information (RFI) to ask the private and nonprofit broadband industry and other interested parties to help evaluate the possibility of upgrading broadband Internet infrastructure in Alexandria.  Tonight’s actions are based on the ideas generated by the responses to the RFI.

Alexandria is a place where technology thrives and is an integral part of doing business. Attracted by a business-friendly and fiscally responsible government (one of only a select group in the country with at least two AAA bond ratings), one of the most educated workforces in the United States, and an outstanding quality of life, more than 200 technology companies, employing approximately 10,000, call Alexandria home.

Elements of the Design

  • Layout Design

  • Illustration

  • Photo Manipulation

  • Custom Typography

  • Adobe Creative Suite

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